First Time Buyers Mistakes | Tampa Wholesale Property | Tampa

First time buyers should not feel intimated by the real estate market but they should be somewhat knowledgeable! Buying a home can be very exciting but one mistake could take the wind right out of your sails. Read below to see our list of the biggest mistakes first-time buyers commit. This will hopefully allow you to  prepare ahead of … Continued

4 Tips for Investing in Single-Family Properties in Tampa

Is it financially better to invest in multi-family or single-family properties? That’s like asking whether a hammer is better than a screwdriver. The answer is that it depends on the job at hand, the materials and fasteners available, and what you’re trying to accomplish. But if, after doing some investigating, you’ve decided go the single-family … Continued

Rules For Buying Investment Property in Tampa

Buying investment property in is a great way to make additional income for you and your family. Different investors use different calculation methods to determine if an investment is right for them. Before you make any large investments, take into consideration our rules for buying investment property! Location, Location, Location It seems cliche but location is a … Continued

3 Tips On Making An Offer On A Short Sale In Tampa

You’ve found a short sale property that suits you and meets your investment criteria and now it’s time to make an offer. And today that means a good amount of bidding competition and quite a bit of it some pretty well-heeled bidders. You will need to know how to make an offer on a short … Continued

3 Warning Signs To Buying A “Lemon” Home In Tampa

You’ve found what seems like the perfect home – either for investment purposes or to move in to. This is one time when your head should definitely rule your heart, when intellect should over-ride emotion. You need to take the time to make sure you aren’t buying a “lemon” home in . Sellers usually don’t … Continued

5 Simple Ways to Make Your New House a Home in Tampa

Have you recently moved into a new house? Perhaps you will be moving soon and are looking for some tips to get settled in quickly. It’s great when you can feel at home right away and not like you are in a strange and unknown place. In this article, we present 5 of our favorite ways … Continued