Self Directed 401k Real Estate Investing In Tampa – Frequently Asked Questions

Most people think about investing in real estate in their personal name or holding it inside an investment company (such as an LLC). But many people are discovering that there are other options, including self directed 401k real estate investing.

That’s right, you can hold real estate in your self-directed 401k. It’s a powerful way to put your retirement fund to work by owning a cash-flowing asset and letting the income grow tax-deferred or tax-free until retirement.

If you want to grow your retirement account and don’t want to put that money into the volatile and speculative stock market then this might be a strategy you’ll want to consider.

Self directed 401k real estate investing in Tampa – is it possible?

Yes you can! Most people are only aware that they can invest in stocks or funds in their 401k or IRA but you can also invest in real estate. (Some IRA custodians don’t want to hold real estate for you, which is why you should find a self directed IRA custodian who will).

You simply purchase the property in the name of your 401k (not your personal name) and all income goes into your 401k. You can even pay for any management fees inside your IRA as well.

Should I invest in real estate in Tampa FL with my self-directed 401k?

What you choose to invest in is up to you. However, many investors are discovering the power of putting a cash-flowing asset into their 401k. That cash flow is like having an extra contribution each and every month in your retirement account!

Imagine the power of a consistently cash flowing asset that adds to your retirement account month after month after month with little or no work on your part. Wouldn’t that suddenly transform your retirement from something you’re worrying about to something you’re looking forward to?

You might even find, like many investors do, that putting a few cash flowing properties into your 401k could allow you to retire even sooner than you realized! What would life be like if you didn’t have to wait until aged 65, 70, or 75 to retire but could retire right now?

(And don’t forget about the amazing tax benefits: Depending on your 401k plan, that income could grow tax deferred or even tax free!)

Okay, how do I move forward and start investing in my 401k in real estate?

Before you can invest in real estate, you’ll need to move it to a self-directed custodian that allows you to hold real estate (not all of them do). This can be done pretty quickly and most custodians will help you make the transfer with just a bit of paperwork.

If you want some help, ideas, or even an introduction to a self-directed 401k custodian, we can help. Give us a call at 813-296-2976 or fill out our form and we’d love to help you make this smart move to self directed 401k real estate investing in Tampa.



Daniel DiGiacomo

Daniel is a successful, full-time real estate investor based in Baltimore, Maryland. Being an active wholesaler, rehabber and landlord, he knows what it takes to make a transaction benefit everyone involved. Daniel has bought and sold real estate in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona.

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